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Natalie Hodgins

Natalie Hodgins

Producer, Director

Natalie never stops working. 


Since she entered the Media industry she has worked relentlessly to make sure that businesses, audiences and crew are treated with the respect they deserve.

Before setting up Visionary Pictures Natalie would run coffee mornings to help others get into the Television and Film industry.


Nothing will stop her from helping people to fulfil their dream alongside her.


Brock Elwick

Brock Elwick

Director, Producer

 Brock understands people.

Like he really understands them

Brock has worked on set since the age of seven, starting as young on-screen talent and later focusing more on the conducting of stories behind the camera, which reveal truths about human behaviour and have an impact on society. 


As a Director, Brock has a way of getting the best out of performers to expose the raw truth behind a character, which makes for impactful and unforgettable storytelling. 

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