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COP26, 2021



SHE Changes Climate

Natalie Hodgins, Emma Askew

"At #COP26 it was the '#ShadowCOP' organisations like SHE Changes Climate that provided the real voice of urgency, and innovation"

- Natalie Bennett, Green Party UK

Far from the Blue Zone, SHE Changes Climate's 'Champions of Solutions' event was a pocket of discussion, support and problem-solving that we were privileged to record and bring to the public.

Eight panel discussions from some of the most incredible women and men from all walks of life on topics from female empowerment to biodiversity to creativity and everything in between, including breakout moments from:

  • Emma Howard Boyd

  • Princess Esmeralda of Belgium

  • Arizona Muse

  • Chante Harris

  • Hasanthi Urugodawatte Dissanayake

  • Brian Eno and many more...

You can find each of the eight panel discussions here and continue the conversation.

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